New Mexico HVAC Training

New Mexico is known for its diverse weather, with alternating hot and cold temperatures stretching across the varied landscape of the state. Pursuing an education in HVAC training in New Mexico ensures job stability to those looking for a sustainable career with longevity. Keeping citizens of New Mexico comfortable in the state’s ever-changing climate makes you a necessary—and popular—fixture in the job market here. Many Americans are looking to simply remain comfortable in the moderate weather conditions they live in, but for those in New Mexico, staying warm and keeping cool are crucial for both comfort and safety, all year round.

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With more than 121 square miles of arid desert, mountains and even lush forests, it is all the more challenging to maintain the perfect temperature throughout the entire state.

New Mexico HVAC Schools

HVAC schools and training programs in New Mexico offer a wide variety of opportunities to potential HVAC professionals. This state is home to 6 schools with programs in HVAC training. Graduates may be eligible for one of nearly 1000 jobs in this state in this industry. Higher education requirements may vary from other HVAC certifications and licensing that can be obtained through minor vocational course work.

HVAC schools in New Mexico are located all over the state, with a program in this field offered in nearly every big city. Upon completion of an HVAC degree in New Mexico, salary and job market viability may depend upon a variety of factors.

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HVAC Schools in New Mexico

Central New Mexico Community College

Clovis Community College

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Campus

New Mexico State University-Carlsbad

New Mexico State University-Dona Ana

Santa Fe Community College

Pay and Employment Details

As of 2013, The Department of Labor reported there were 980 heating, ventilation, and air conditioning workers in the state of New Mexico, 540 of which were employed in the Albuquerque area, followed by the Eastern New Mexico non-metropolitan area as the next largest-employed.

Average annual wage for those in this industry in New Mexico is $39,570. Those working in Framington may earn a slightly higher annual average wage of $40,550, or $19.50 per hour.

HVAC workers in Albuquerque and Las Cruces make an even higher annual average salary of $40,890 and $41,380, respectively, also as of 2013 reports.

HVAC Wages Elsewhere in New Mexico

North and West Central Non-metro: $16.11  $33,500
Eastern Non-metro: $17.59  $36,590

Generally speaking, HVAC workers in larger city centers of New Mexico earned a higher annual average wage than those in smaller non-metropolitan areas, though there are typically more workers employed in this industry in those non-metropolitan parts of the state.